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  • Buy a living, British-grown Christmas tree this year, the last one you need buy for years
  • Combining the lovely fragrance of a real Christmas tree, with no needle drop and a living specimen that will grow from year to year!
  • The Norman fir is a newer type, with thicker spines and bluish tinged reverse and pine fragrance
  • Grown in a pot for most of its life, not to be confused with fresh potted which are dug up and dropped in this year
  • Supplied at a height of 12-15 m (4-5 ft), keep outside all year once used for Christmas
  • 1.2-1.5 m tall
It's impossible to beat that stunning fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home. Not for us the artificial trees in their odd shades and colours. But fresh cut trees are very expensive just for a few weeks use, before we haul them off to the shredder - any they can make a mess too. That's where our fabulous Living pot-Grown Christmas trees are a real winner. Yes, you get that lovely pine room fragrance, but it will not drop the needles - because it's still alive! And at about the same cost as a cut tree, you can keep it from year to year too, and save a lot of money over 5 or even 10 years. The Norway Spruce is the classic Christmas Tree. British - Grown on the same farms as the cut trees, they have been nurtured and trimmed in just the same way. But, because they are grown in their pots - they can easily be kept for many, many years to come. Just a little water in the rootball when used indoors each year, and once the decorations come down, pop it back outside and keep it growing. In itself, it is a beautiful evergreen garden tree, lovely all year round. It needs no special feeding or pruning - just ensure it does not dry out in Summer. Very slow growing, you can use it for many Christmasses to come. Living Christmas Trees - combining fresh pine fragrance, little needledrop and saving you money over buying a tree every year. Adopt one now!

YouGarden Living Christmas Tree Nordmann Fir B077XDKQ3Q

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