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  • Made in Germany
  • Manufactured in the Ore Mountains
  • Manual production
Size of figure: 14 cm (With lever, for nuts not however suitable) Material: wood, painted - DREGENO know learn the traditional Seiffener cooperative, the Erz Mountains-craft. Go explore the fascinating world of the Ore Mountains wood art. You know much about the small treasures, have made the Erzgebirge World Known. You can invite to "Spielzeugdorf" Seiffen, the home of smoked Husband, Nutcracker, Schwibbogen & Co. King and his Entourage In its long history the ancestor of many Nutcracker: the first nut pliers, consisting of two the bronze lever arms, already existed In ancient times. Nothing would be more special - this practical helpers would also become very early to figürlicher representations. This practical helper for the very soon figürlicher representations. 1735 was already in Sun Mountain Wooden "Nussbeißern" speech. It's robust design with great head and a lever on the back, the nut down against the upper jaw and could therefore be cracked. The world famous Seiffener nutcracker created the delivery after first time in small workshop Füchtners 1870 Wilhelm. Its basic design has now changed anything: about 35 cm large nutcracker is approximately 130 operations and can up to 60 single parts. It will handle most spruces - or beech, and decorating materials like fur, Bristles, Leather, fabric, twine and bright colourful colours are used. Fierce Look of the nutcracker has often be

Dregeno Erzgebirge Nutcracker Hunter 14 cm B0097NOIF4

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